Tuesday, April 16, 2013

By My Bed

Here's how my little lamp from the rummage sale looks next to my bed.

On my table is my needle keep from dear Barb,
with my Mom's crochet hook safely tucked inside

Under the glass a photo of a small girl dressed as a bride
for Halloween...

A new addition to our bedroom.  This towel holder now holds some treasures.

Irish Linen from dearest Lynne, a vintage towel from Barb, these girls are the sweetest! 
Vintage tablecloths and runners.

and a shamrock for good luck!

Thinking of Boston today...Believing that Good is stronger than evil and Love overcomes hate.

Take good care my friends.

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Melanie said...

Your bedside table is so pretty...and I see some beautiful pillowcases peeking into the photo as well. Loving all your linens, too. Hope you have a beautiful day, Penny...isn't it nice to see the sun shining again?

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

All so nice, but then you know I'm partial to the shamrock, right:) And that photo truly is darling! Like you, my heart's been so heavy since yesterday afternoon. The boy who was killed is my son's age and I could barely breathe when I heard the news. I hold them all close today.

Lynne said...

So sweet Penny, thank you . . . you have many lovely vintage cloths . . . Love the little one dressed as a bride . . .