Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Update...

I'm starting with the finished results of the deck repair.  It's is hard work and not in the comfort zone of my guys, but they did a great job.  If we could afford it, this would have been a great year to replace the decking.  That is not to be, so only the worst of the boards came up and were replaced.  It was so cold on Saturday, I worked outside in my winter coat.  I redid my flower pot wreath, no photos...sorry but I was working as fast as my frozen hands would go. 
You cannot craft in gloves, and my hands actually hurt from the cold. .

It always looks bad during the process...
Honey will power wash the whole shebang and it will look great

They were troopers.  Mike and Jon both helped their Dad and he was so thankful.

The work in progress is not pretty, though I put together some of the prettiest pots ever.
I'll show you some when it warms up a little.

Mother's Day found us at the cemetery to pay respects to Mom.
I average 3 to 6 good cries on Mother's Day...
We walked in, since it is crazy busy on Milwaukee Ave. and almost impossible to get in or out.
The two largest Polish cemeteries are on this Polish main street...where it's all going on!
Back in the day, and maybe still could live your whole life on Milwaukee Ave.
 and never once speak English.
The police helped us cross the street and we were able to walk through the cemetery and leave faster on foot than by car.

It was a beautiful day.

My silly guy making me laugh after a good cry and "talk" with Mom and Dad.

More work at home, but we have accomplished so much.
The yard and gardens are just about ready for guests.  Still to do...
The pond needs a cleaning and the little garden needs to be turned and planted.
Last night we had a frost warning...
So all the potted plants were covered.

Thank goodness for a king sized sheet set!

This morning...the lawn was covered in frost.  I'll wait till the sun warms things up this morning before removing the covers.

Plans, lists, secrets...all to be revealed after our celebration.  Counting down the days...Will I ever finish in time?  No!  It's fun trying!

Have a great day my friends, and thanks for stopping by.

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Melanie said...

It's always amazing to see how much we can accomplish when company is expected! Great way to get things done in the yard and in the house! Your yard is looking really pretty.

Jill said...

You were a very busy bunch over the weekend! The deck is looking good!

Lynne said...

Brave of you all working in the cold . . . it was so cold here this past weekend, 25-26 this morning. Looks like a tent city around here, the third night I have covered the plants. It looks like my Hibiscus may not have survived the cold winds/weather.

I am excited to hear of your secrets . . .