Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back to work...

Hooray, our dryer was installed and works like a dream. The towels are soft this morning...

Still mismatched and some threadbare but Soft! Thanks to Sears and the manager at the Lake Zurich store who got things moving for us. I even got a comment from Sears Care...the social media escalations team...I never had to contact them. Oh how spoiled I've become. What was once a luxury, I had a hard time living without.

Outside my window this morning, spectacular!

This maple is ready to pop. Sing it with me Lynne...What a wonderful world!
Enjoy this beautiful day my friends, and thanks for stopping by.

Love, Penny

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babs said...

Happy the dryer arrived and is installed. It's the little things in life.....enjoy this fine weather. Things are popping here too.