Monday, September 24, 2018

Sweet is the Smile of Home

 How I love the change of the seasons.  Dear friends Jean and Tom brought by this beautiful Mum.  It fit perfectly in the basket, and with a few wooden leaves, make a perfect welcome to Autumn.

 We were given mum plants for the altar at our wedding by our friend and the celebrant of our Mass, Father Tom.  He reminded me as he handed me a few loose flowers, that mums have no season. Just as the theme of our wedding, Love is an Endless Season. I  think of that kindness, and the kindness of so many throughout our lives.

 We have been to the orchard, but not with our babygrand.  A pumpkin patch full and sincere is waiting for us too.
 I just pulled out a few things...

 and hung the new wreath.

 What a guy. My heart, my love. 

We started our weekend at a recycling event.  We had old documents shredded, and my old printer recycled.  Felt good to get part of my office cleaned up.  Now I'm working on the excess wedding stuff still all around the house. 

Then it was off to Indiana and a house warming for our dearest Jon and Charlotte.  So much love, so many friends and family.  I loved seeing everyone.  We had the best weather and great food, grilled up by Chef Jon, and desserts galore.  The kids worked so hard, and welcomed us all into their cozy new home. 

 My girls and Uncle Greg and Auntie Elizabeth.  Penny doing her "superstar" pose.

 A sweet little brick house for an amazing couple.  The first of many happy memories sure to be shared here.

 My kids have the best friends.  They are like family to us.  I got so many hugs, and am always so happy to be in their company.

 Mike and Amanda found the comfy couch.  Making themselves at home at Willoughby Indiana!

 Sweet little Norah posed for me.  The back porch a work in progress.  It's a great old house.
 My favorite and Charlotte's least favorite thing is this wallpaper in the main floor bath.
It's so sweet and romantic.
 Even the vent window is decorated with LOVE.

 Headed for home before dark like the old folks we are.
Driving the corridor between Illinois and Indiana is like running a gauntlet.  Danger is at every turn  though the scenery is picturesque.  We have a beautiful skyline.

 "Sweet is the smile of home; the mutual look, when hearts are of each other sure." 
-John Keble

 Back home for a quiet Sunday.  Football on the TV, the Bears won!  Chili on the stove.

 A long walk as the sun was setting.

 We are very tall. ;-)

 Loving the cool Autumn air.

 Speckled grass.
 Peeks of the sun.

 Our Honey Locust trees just starting to turn.

 The last bloom of the hydrangea.

 Our bittersweet vine finally taking hold of our arbor.

Here, At Home in English Valley.

Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship and kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

You are getting me in that fallish mood Penny!
Nice touches . . .
Family gatherings . . .
Chili . . .
Honey Locust . . .
Young Penny Joy . . .
Love, Love this time of the year . . ,