Monday, November 21, 2011

At Church with Josh & Brent

This Sunday we went to one of our very favorite places, Mequon, Wisconsin.  The funny thing was, that though we also went to see our dear old friend Lake Michigan, at our favorite spot along the beautiful coastline, we really went to see our favorite gentlemen farmers, Josh and Brent, The Beekman Boys!

Whitecaps coming from the east...
The Lake was at least six different shades of blue.
I've photographed this spot so many times, but it never looks the same.
My honey taking pictures of me taking pictures...

I got an email saying that the "Beekman Boys" would be in  Chicago on Saturday and  in Mequon on Sunday.  We don't really need a reason to go up north on a Sunday drive, but since we missed the "Boys" at the Country Living Fair in September, we especially hoped to be able to go, and have them sign their new cookbook.  So go we did...
My husband made a friend.  He recognized Josh's Dad, Dave.  It's funny that at first, I did not know who he was, but my dearest did.  They had a good laugh, and talked for a while.  Josh and Brent were at Josh's parent's Church in Mequon.  They were signing their cookbook, and raising funds for the Parish.
The whole community was so warm and welcoming.  We also met Jackie, Josh's lovely Mom.  Everyone was so kind.  It was a great event with Josh and Brent so sweet and friendly, and generously donating their time and many of their Beekman 1802 products for a raffle extraordinaire.  I greeted them with a friendly, "Hi Guys" and  I admit I hugged them more times than prudent.   I have such admiration and affection for them. 
Josh and Brent were in turn so sweet to me and my hubby...hugs, smiles and handshakes all around.  They make everyone they meet feel special and appreciated.  I love that about them.

It was a great time, and a it's a beautiful cookbook.  When Thanksgiving dinner is over and all our guests depart...I'll get a chance to sit down and leisurely enjoy it's beautiful photography and delicious recipes.
We hope to see Josh and Brent in their hometown of Sharon Springs, New York next year for their fall festival.  Our daughter and a Very Special Guest are planning on a visit there with us. 
So I leave you with this bountiful harvest photo from the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook, and with happy memories of a couple of amazing guys.  I'm just about ready for Thanksgiving and our first guests arrive tomorrow night.  Grateful Grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful!


Lynne said...

So many chapters of you Penny. I need you to tell me more about the Beekman boys and The Heirloom Cookbook . . . I can wait until after Thanksgiving! Smile!
Have a HAPPY . . .

cityfarmer said...

your hubby is just that ... A HONEY!

have a blessed day with those you love