Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Tufett Reborn

Here is my old tufett, (tufett is more elegant than stool) glorious in it's rosy fabric.  It was a garbage picked find, that I lovingly covered in roses.
 It's long  been overdue for a restyle, so that's what I did.  Out with the roses, in with the bird!

I love this transfer, and thought it would be perfect for the seat.  I found it here at Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration. Thank you girls!
This would have been an inexpensive redo, except for the fact that they stopped making the staples for the small electric staple gun I have, and haven't used for years.  My old hands can still use the manual stapler, but I'd pay the price with an aching hand for days.  Watch out, as I am armed and dangerous with a new staple gun.;-)
I hand gathered the skirt.  I used the Lenda curtain fabric (from Ikea) for the skirt and some onasburg muslin for the seat.  The Lenda fabric has a thread line through it, which would make centering the top tricky.  The muslin and the Lenda are a very close match in color and texture.
To cover the staples I used some burlap ribbon I bought  in Tipton in the spring.  I folded it in half and used upholstery tacks to hold it on. I love the look of burlap, but I hate to work with it.  It makes me itchy.
 There she is, the belle of the ball.

Feels good to turn something old and dusty new again.

This cool vintage Christmas advertisement came from the Graphics Fairy.   I made an envelope back but kept the salvage edge that was fringed.  Now,  I have a few vintage buttons to sew on the back.
I made a pillow to match the tufett.  The script fabric I've been saving for something special matches the transfer perfectly.
Another transfer project.  This image is from Dawn at The Feathered Nest.  These will be sachets, of lavender, of course.  I have a stash of  lavender Kristen got me from a farm in NY state.  Smells like heaven.

This concludes this installment of  "Procrastinating...Thanksgiving Edition!"

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

Your tufett turned out beautifully . . .
I think it will be the perfect place for your "Little Bird" to perch . . .

Time to stop creating and begin the baking and cooking for (our) thanksgiving day feast . . .

Keep on smiling and enjoying all your preparations!

Anonymous said...