Monday, November 7, 2011


A little bit of everything today... I made this banner for the dining room for Thanksgiving. Kristen may hate it, she laughs at my "words" around the house, but this says it all. I cut the pennant shapes from artist canvas and used a technique taught to me by my friend Joan at Anything Goes Here. I stuck sticky letters onto the canvas, and then spray painted with rusty orange spray paint. Before it was dry I carefully peeled off the letters. I sewed the canvas to felt and cut out the pennant shapes. I sewed them onto double folded bias tape.

I baked Mikey a delicious cake. Death by Chocolate on the inside...(is there any chocolate in this cake? Family joke;-) and caramel frosting with chopped pecans on the top. A Death by Turtle Cake!!

Just the aroma is full of calories.

I'm still hooked on the youtube videos. This is a card that is now hot in Europe, anyway that's what they said on the video. I needed a few small thank your gifts for some ladies that help out with our service projects. One sheet of 12x12 paper and your scoring board, a little double sided tape. This is my first attempt.

Last but not least...I said we were doing some things around the house to spruce up the place for the holidays. New floor and new fixture installed in our tiny bath. All the accessories are rummage sale finds. The $3 wicker cabinet, the swan prints, $1 each...even the curtain was a tablecloth that I picked up for less than a dollar.

The countdown is at 16 days till Thanksgiving, but I really am grateful EVERYDAY! Thanks for visiting!

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Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Penny,

Found you through Lynne's blog,
wow that cake looks delicious!

Hope you all enjoyed it!

Any chance of the recipe?

I would love to make somethng like that.

Hope your week is going well.

in cold damp Ireland!

Jill said...

Hi. I'm here by way of Lynne!

You have a nice blog and I am happy to be your newest follower. :)