Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just Call Me Grandma!

The house is still full of guests, the fridge is filled with leftovers and there's a bun in the oven! Our Kristen and her Doug are expecting!!!
I'm in a "glass case of emotions", to quote Ron Burgundy from Anchorman. Our world will never be the same. "Grandpa" couldn't be calmer or more proud. A baby... I've known for a while, but was asked not to share the news till now. A baby grows in Brooklyn, and I am here. Wonder why I was crafting like a fiend? It's how I work out my anxiety. So much is going on in my head and in my heart. Kristen is feeling better, after a few rough months...she is going to be the best Mom ever, no doubt there. Doug has been so good, and taken such good care of Kris... More soon. Take care my friends!

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Jill said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Debby said... won'tbelieve how wonderful you are going to feel when that baby is born.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Congrats Penny! I am so excited for you! You are going to be such a wonderful Grandma!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness.... congratulations! You are going to be such a wonderful and blessed grandmother. I bet you've already started knitting, crocheting and creating wonderful things for the baby.

Hot House Market said...

Congratulations! I am SOOOOO Happy for all of you :) and... your husband DID almost spill the beans at the CL Fair!!!! I have been watching your blog like a hawk~ trying to find out what the big news is! Finally~ it has been revealed! What great news! Big hugs~ <3 Carrie @ Hot House Market