Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walking in the Air

My sweetheart and I went to the to see a holiday fireworks show at the local mall.  It may be my new favorite holiday tradition.  It was an amazing show, and though it was really cold outside, it just made the experience more magical.  Are you familiar with George Winston?  The song Walking in the Air is on his album, Forest.  How about the animated movie "The Snowman?"  Well, this snowman that a young boy makes with the first winter's snow, comes alive.  (not unlike Frosty;-)  Anywho, the snowman takes the boy flying to the North Pole...They see the Northern Lights (I saw them once, right here in Chicagoland on November 5th, 2001, I took it off my bucket list, so I don't have to go to the Arctic Circle) and that's what the fireworks reminded me of last night.  That's why I choose the music Walking in the Air.  It was a MAGICAL night, and I know I use that word around here sometimes, but it really was like flying, or the coolest dream.  I hope you get a tiny bit of that feeling with my Video!  And yes, I cried!  Have a great weekend.

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Lynne said...

That was lovely . . . will you teach me how to do a video, music.