Friday, November 2, 2012

A Full House

Thank goodness everyone didn't show up to last night's Guild meeting at my house...We filled it up with 14 members, everyone was comfortable and we got a lot of work accomplished.  I didn't take a photo, but just imagine a room full of the most generous, kind and wonderful women a person could know...
That's my guild sisters!
These are a few photos of some WIP's...  I loved this fleece pattern, looks like toile.  I was trying to match the navy blue knit cuffs I found a while back.  Remember when you could go into any fabric store and purchase those cuffs or yardage you purchased by the inch?  I snapped up the two packages I found at a Ben Franklin in Wisconsin. 

Never too old for a cozy throw...someone will get this for his birthday next week after I crochet a manly edge on it. ;-) 

Home made mittens I need to decorate, they will have some lace and a floral arrangement in them and will be for hanging on the wall...I'm going vintage on these babies!

Speaking of vintage... While cleaning I found this bowl...A $500.00 ash tray, what my Dad used to call all the things I made in High School art classes.  He was actually a big fan of my arts and crafts, but my parents wanted me to go to a public high school.  With 5 kids and my brothers already Catholic High School graduates, they thought I would be fine in a city public high school, and they would save some $$.  Little did they know that all my friends were testing at Alvernia...the local all girl Catholic High School, tuition, $500 (or something like that) a year!  (1970's pricing!) 

At Alvernia, I found the amazing School Sisters of St. Francis,  A progressive order, amazing women!  Sister Anne taught art.  I took drawing, ceramics, enameling and metals, calligraphy and blossomed under her guidance.  That's where I tinkered this aluminum bowl over 40 years ago.  It's not much to look at, but oh the memories it invokes! 

Have a great weekend my friends, I've got some crocheting to do!

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Lynne said...

Happy you enjoyed your guild sisters and that you accomplished some things.

Love the hammered aluminum bowl . . . tucked away, now found, do you have some plans for it?

I just came inside for a break from the leaves. Out at 11:00, in at 4:30, rested now and back I go.

Quite a sight I was under a huge Norway Spruce . . . I was blowing the leaves from under the tree and tripped on the cord and went down on my rump . . . (smile)

I don't think the neighbors saw me!

Happy November!
Love, Lynne

Debby said...

Sounds like it was fun. I like the guitars. My son would like that. Have a great week-end.