Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yikes, It's almost here!

We woke up to a dusting of snow.  Seems winter is almost here, that is if you forget the 70 degree day we had over the weekend! Yes, our Club Auction is almost here too.  Just a couple of days to get everything in order.
 So what am I doing?  Still crafting.

I made this pillow from the Pendleton robe I found.  On closer inspection it had many holes.  I don't know if they are moth holes or just wear.  I don't mind, but I wouldn't put this one up for auction.  I used a piece of the robe with a pocket I could fill with treasures.  The back is cream colored wool I thrifted and felted in the washer.  It's a cozy combination.

I loved this image and transferred it  on to some drop cloth fabric with an iron on.  I didn't trim the transfer so I hated that the transferred image had a clear inch on the top and bottom.  I used this lace trim to disguise my mistake.  Now I like it very much and think I will keep it for the house. I am not sure of the source of the image, 
I've had it a long time

This funny looking thing is for the auction.  It's called a Sweetheart Mitten.  One hand goes in one side and your sweetheart's hand goes into the other. You can still hold bare hands and have a cozy walk.  Cozy walks are something I especially enjoy, and my sweetheart has a technique for slipping both of our hands in the sleeve of his hoodie.;-)  I've had this pattern for years and searched locally for the cuffs I needed to make it.  I hope it will sell at auction.  It's weird, and one of a kind...
and everyone knows a
couple of sweethearts, right?

Don't you like this fleece?  I had navy cuffs so the fleece had to have navy in it and not be too girly.  Well, seriously, what guy is gonna wanna wear this...  but isn't it a sweet idea.  It came from a book called Ultimate Polar Fleece Pizzazz.  I also got the pattern for the quilted mittens I showed a few posts back from this book.

I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Thank goodness for all the great women in our guild that all play a part. Wish us luck!  Have a great day my friends!

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Lynne said...

Amazing journeys our creations can take us . . .
Happy Auction . . . Do Well!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Good luck Penny! I love that Joyeux Noel pillow!

Anonymous said...


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Debby said...

What fun is that hand holder thingie. I like it. It would work well with children as well. They don't always like holding your hand and this would still keep you connected.
Love the pillows as well.
You will have so much fun. Enjoy.