Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Fan

You might remember the Muno ( the one eyed guy) that Kristen made for a little friend a couple of years ago...Now she has a new fan of Yo Gaba Gaba, her daughter Penny.

During our morning Face Time, I got to watch Penny's reaction to her favorite show.  Look at that smile and her body language is pure joy.  They are snuggling this morning.  It's cold in New York.  They got snow yesterday that is still on the ground.  Wish I was there to get in on the cozy fun.

Still working on my jobs for the auction.  Trying to finish up some projects, some organizing of supplies.  I went through my pantry and tossed some expired goods and made a list of the things I still need for Thanksgiving.  My guests will be here in a couple of weeks!  The snow might fly in the next couple of days here in Chicagoland, putting us in a holiday mood.  I'm crazy that way, I love snow!

Thanks for dropping by, I so appreciate your kind comments and especially your friendship.

Enjoy this beautiful day. 


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Debby said...

How adorable is your little Penny. She is so excited. So nice that you have the face time. My kids are always on the run and hardly have time for a phone call.....and that is why I value our real visits.
I bet you are so excited for Thanksgiving.
I love the snow as well....just in case you didn't know, hah.

Lynne said...

Smiles and giggles . . . Best Joy!