Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grateful Grateful and Blessed

Thanksgiving week was so wonderful, Kris and Doug and Penny were here on Tuesday, and spent the week with us.  I got to be GRANDMA in the best way.  I woke and showered earlier each day so I could get some time with Penny.  Oh those sweet hours when the house was quiet and the world was asleep, except us.  She is WONDERFUL.  She slept in my arms, danced to Christmas music,
played her jingle bells...we marched and sang...

penny helped me make bread!  Grandma's out there, you know.  The most sweet and magical feeling spending some time with my grand daughter!

The kids pitched in to lighten the load for me.  These freed up some "penny and Penny time" and I was so grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Did I mention that Grandpa has a big fan.  Penny thinks he is the very best.
Something Grandma already knows.

We had 23 for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Everyone had a great time.  Lot's of hugs and kisses.  Babies, I was in baby heaven.  This beautiful arrangement was made by my SIL Elizabeth.  The pumpkin candle holder in the first photo is from my SIL Mindy.  Kris came loaded with gifts for Grandma.  This is one happy and tired Grandma.

The nicest thing, is that I had my kids all here, not on Thanksgiving,
but we spent Friday together. Unfortunately, dear Charlotte was under the weather...
but I made sure she was comfortable, warm and
had her favorite peppermint tea.
I made brunch and later we ordered pizza.  We were a little light in the leftovers ;-) but not desserts. 
We sent home cupcakes, cheesecake bars
 and pumpkin coffee cake and still have some in the frig.

What can I say...We have problems just like has been tight this year, but everyone is working.  We have all been healthy and spared the wrath of storms and disasters.  I have my family, all wonderful unique...special to me in every way.  How can you not be grateful when you are so very blessed.
Counting my blessings, My dearest, so dear I'm counting him twice;-) Kris, Doug, PENNY, Jon and Charlotte, Mike and Rachel, My brothers, their amazing wives, nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephew.  My heart is overflowing!!!

All the Autumn decorations come down soon and I'll start preparing the way for Christmas...but first some much needed rest.  Have a great day my friends, thanks for stopping by.  Go Bears!

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babs said...

Sweet P is adorable. She has grown so. Will they be homemagain for Christmas? Please Penny, get some rest now!

Lynne said...

I loved this Penny. Little P is adorable . . . love her eyes, her little hand in the dough and in grandpa's arms.

Sit back, rest a bit and treasure God's gifts . . . MEMORIES!
Love, Lynne

Debby said...

Your heart sounds so happy. Penny is a cutie pie. Looks like she likes her Grampy. I bet she likes you as well. Hope that someone took your picture with her.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Sounds like a wonderful family gathering, Penny. I still cannot believe you are a Grandma! What's your secret?

I mean it!

designchic said...

Oh that sweet hand in the dough...she is precious!! There is nothing quite like grandchildren - I have one that is 14 months old and he's fabulous!! Don't they make the holidays so much more special?