Monday, November 5, 2012

She Rummages, She Scores!

A amazing rare occurrence in November, the rummage sale, yet we found one very close to home.  It was  advertised as a Christmas Rummage Sale so as part of our chores, we added it to our to do list!  Boy am I glad we did.  I found this unusual Christmas table cloth.

 I bought it! It had this tag, so like any self respecting junker, I looked it up on Google.  Here's some of what I found...

Did you see the final bid?  $131.49!  Of course, mine is red, but in excellent shape.  I also found someone on ebay who made this very same tablecloth into pillows.  The asking price for a pillow 12' by 16" was $40.
I think my tablecloth is destined to be pillow covers too.  Unless someone wants to drop $131.49 on me...I'll pay the shipping!!!;-)

 These photos loaded in the wrong order, but remember, Pendleton!

I found this nut bowl.  We had one just like this when I was growing up.  We always had nuts in the shell for Thanksgiving.  (and tangerines!)  I thought it would be a pretty base, turned upside down, for something decorative.

I got this awesome amber bottle from Joy's Shop the Shed sale in the spring. Doesn't that little platform look great?

Now to the Pendleton...  I found this robe among the Christmas sweaters.  I grabbed it, and was so excited.  Then I googled it when I got home...

Yikes, brand new $228.00!  Mine is old and has a few worn spots.  Last year Joy, the same talented girl that sold me the amber bottle...used plaid in her Christmas decorating.  It looked so warm and vintage, I've been looking for some plaid ever since. 

I found a old school Winnie the pooh blanket and crib sheet for sweet p. Still to be washed.

So now, before I tell you what I spent, I have to tell you that I also found a like new winter coat, for me  A London Fog brand hooded jacket.  Fully lined in quilted nylon, with all the bells and whistles that a really well made coat has.  I saw it as we were walking out.  I tried it on and it fit really well.  I checked it out   and it was in perfect shape and thought it just needed a wash.  So I bought it, brought it home...Treated the cuffs and zipper area with Citrasolve, yes the very same stuff you can use to transfer images with.  It is an excellent product that removes any tough stain, or set in soil.(I got mine on Amazon)  I washed and dried the coat and it looks brand new!  You'll have to catch me around town to see it.  I was really excited and had a small fashion show on face time with Kris and Penny.  I modeled my like new coat to the tune, The Girl from Ipanema...  Too Much fun!  ;-)

Total price for everything I bought...$14.00!!!!! YES!
A busy week ahead...Election Day, don't forget to vote, a birthday, some crafting, some cooking and baking...Raking, and more raking...  Bring it all on, I love this time of year.  Have a beautiful day my friends.

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Jill said...

Wow, Penny! You sure did score. Way to go, girl!
(I lost chillingwithjill so am starting over).

Lynne said...

May I go on a "rummage" with you sometime soon? I need "pickin" lessons . . .

"You done good girl!!"

Love the tablecloth . . . and the Pendelton . . . are you making something or keeping it as is?
Love, Lynne

Debby said...

What a great day of real finds. Show us your coat. I really want to find some of these sales. It could be dangerous for me though.