Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I begin with the after shot.  This paper mache angel has seen many years of service in my home...In fact, in our last home in the city too.  I bought it at Frank's Nursery and Crafts...they have been out of business for years now.  Anyway, one day last month... I saw something somewhere...  Can I be more specific?  No;-).  I just thought, why can't I make over this angel to better suit my tastes now.

Here's how it started out...kinda gold and pretty but looked a little beaten up and worn.

So I threw caution to the wind and got out some paint I got at the home depot.
It might be discontinued...it was just a couple of dollars.

This was one coat... and yes, I was painting in the dining room. *

* I was waiting for the football game to end so I could watch Josh and Brent on the amazing race.  They are still in, and I am so proud of them.  They have been so kind and generous throughout, helping other teams and supporting each other.   Especially in difficult situations,  they have shown that they are really wonderful men...  It is a game, and they are in it to win,  but they have not forgotten kindness, respect for other cultures and are just the gentle and honorable men I know them to be. I love those guys!  Go Team Beekman.
This is after two coats.  I really like it again.  I can see this angel working for all seasons...Hey, I like that!

I am having a hard time missing my sweet p., and she seems to miss us too.  Once you have the real thing in your arms, face time just doesn't cut it.  Penny had lots to say this morning, complaining really...and Grandma just cried. She seems to be reaching for me...  Grandpa saved the day with his "Floating Head Grandpa" routine that gets big smiles every time.  I was afraid that this would happen, and open up the flood gates for this weepy old Grandma.  It will take me a while...but being busy is my best medicine.  Christmas is coming, and I have a bunch of projects that need doing.    Some projects in the works will have to wait till after the holidays to show.  Until next time my friends ...Busy hands make a happy heart...  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Debby said...

Penny, the same thing happens to me after a visit. I don't like to even talk to the kids or grands for a few days. I just have to get back to my routine. It takes me at least a week. I am sure she was reaching for you. I would have cried as well.
I like the angel painted white. I saw what I think you were referring to....another gold painted angel that turned white. Maybe on Kathy's blog.
Will you get to see Baby Penny at Christmas.