Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snowflake Wreath

I saw a wreath on pinterest, no link since it has one of those cautions about the link...

Anyway, I just needed to see the photo because it's very easy.  I looked around the house for a wreath form or large ring (which I didn't find until after I cut up this box... it figures, right?) So I cut a large circle from a corrugated  box with a utility knife, then cut out a smaller circle to make the wreath form.  I spray painted it white so the color of the box would not show through.

I cut the tulle (the kind that comes on a roll.) about 14 inches long, made myself a piece of cardboard 7 inches long so I could wrap and cut several pieces at a time.  They are attached to the wreath with a lark's head knot.

My wreath is 18" across..I used 2 rolls of the tulle.
I had some of the snowflakes and purchased the rest at the dollar store.

I love the snowy winter look.  I think this one will go to the auction.  It looks so much prettier in person than it is photographing.

What a night!  I was up till 2am watching the returns and speeches.  The adrenaline was flowing and I thought I would never get to sleep.  I am so glad that this campaign is over.  I pray that we can find a place where we can work together.

I'm gonna need a nap this afternoon! ;-) Have a great day my friends.

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sugar Creek said...

Very pretty!

Debby said...

Pretty wreath.
I was so tired last night but the adrenal flowing kept me awake as well.

Lynne said...

Pretty wreath Penny . . . refreshing for me to see while all i see outdoors s this sea of brown oak leaves. One more time with the mower I think and then, please SNOW!

Babs and I survived the long lines and a very long day of people "out to vote"! I arrived back home after working the elections about one in the morning. I think Babs finished a bit earlier.

My adrenaline was flowing too as I stayed up to see and hear result reports.

It is time, it is time . . .

May we ALL begin a TOGETHER and pledge a new allegiance to the United Staes of America.
Love, Lynne