Monday, September 16, 2013

baking, thrifting, and missing the Country Living Fair

We had a nice weekend, not the one we planned but a good one none the less. This weekend in Ohio was the Country Living Fair. I was there vicariously thanks to all the bloggers who posted great photos and descriptions. We went two years ago and haven't been able to return, maybe next year!;-)

I spent Sunday baking. I've included the recipe I used for this pumpkin banana bread. Bake sale next week!

It is from a publication, Prize Winning Recipes...but I don't know where it came from.
It's deliciously different and a family favorite. I also made zucchini bread, after a great bounty from my garden, but this is the first baking I've done since early July!

I found this amazing demijohn at the thrift. Dropping off another load of stuff can be counterproductive...;-). My mistake, going inside... Boy, I'm glad I did! If this photo is sideways, just click on it for a better look. (phone camera photo)

I also found this first day of issue of a Smokey Bear postage stamp incorporated into a pencil drawing. It is postmarked Capitan, New Mexico. That's where Smokey was found after a forest fire.

Sorry for the wonky photos. It is so cool, and as a long time fan of Smokey, a treasure.

The work goes on, and great progress has been made. I have been busy, and sore. The joy of a two story home, STAIRS. Thanks to helping hands, and a don't go downstairs without something rule, it's getting done.

Watching the news this morning, thinking of the families who's lives are changed because of senseless violence. Let there be peace on Earth.

Love , Penny

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Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Would have loved to go to the fair, too! Had a full wekend with the family, but nothing special. And such rain yesterday! Yuk! Love that demijohn!

Debby said...

I thought you were going to see Baby P. Did I have the wrong week-end. Next year we will go to the Fair together. I never made it back and I was bummed.
SO funny about your love of Smokey. When I was about 10, I had a Smokey the Bear Club. I had a couple other kids in it. I got information somewhere. I loved Smokey. I lived in the middle of farmland so it was a little weird. I love the painting.

Melanie said...

Great minds must think alike, Penny...I made pumpkin banana bread (OK, muffins - same thing, different shape!) a few days ago. Only mine was some sort of healthy recipe with no dairy, no sugar, and no oil! And believe it or not, they were pretty darn good! :-)

Lynne said...

I might like that recipe Penny. I wasn't able to enlarge it enough to read. I am making Banana bread tomorrow. I make them into small loaves like you show on your post. Perfect to freeze, have handy for us or to give . . .

And thanks for the "tap the photo" tip! Do love that demijohn! What a find . . .