Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Visit to Sharon Springs NY

Grandpa, Mommy and Penny in front of Beekman 1802

Penny trying to make a break for it.
 First off, every one of these photos is blurred.  It wasn't till I viewed them on the computer
that I realized that my sweet p. had left a tiny fingerprint on my lens.
So just for historical purposes, I wanted to point that out.
Here is my sweetest, Papa to Penny.  He drove 2600 miles in the five days we were gone.
Driving in NY is  terrible.  There is one speed that everyone drives at,
BAT OUT OF HELL!  My dearest got us home safe and sound.
The only damage to our car was a flooded turn signal
from a monsoon rain we went through in Pennsylvania.
Considering the miles and miles of driving,
he was and is my hero!
(and the best traveling companion a girl could ask for!)

Though Sharon Springs is a lovely old town, it is fraught with dangers to a toddler. 
There are cracked sidewalks that go straight up, drop offs into springs,
traffic that seems to come up right to the sidewalks.
Penny wanted to walk, and you would too after 4 hours in the car
from NYC.  She got carsick twice, but was still in a great mood when we
finally got there.

There were so many cool vendors.
I didn't get to see much, though I did see under a few
tables, pulling Penny out by the feet.
When I say this, I was so very happy to follow her.
She is pure JOY.
SO excited about everything, walking up to everyone to
say hi!

We let Mommy do a little shopping and headed back to the car.

Penny rearranged and then I rearranged the pumpkin and gourd displays
in front of Garth and Doug's American Hotel.

Just like our girl to pick up a big pumpkin.

It's really a charming place.

These are a few of the photos of the inside of Beekman 1802.
It is Pottery Barnish, which is my favorite.
Truth be told it was much too crowded to really see much.
We were warmly welcomed by Maria and  I was
checked out by Megan both I recognized from
the show. They are the face of Beekman 1802, and boy they are both amazing.
 We were greeted like an old friends, they seemed to have  genuine pleasure in doing their jobs.
You've got treasure there Josh and Brent!
 Everyone was friendly, warm, helpful
and in spite of the crowd you got a feel for
the Beekman experience.

Kris tried the wrap to keep Penny close and not have
her be stepped on or
Here she was wanting me.  Sigh...

This is while we were waiting to have our
cookbook signed.

Josh kept walking over, making sure we were all okay
and in the shade if possible.  It went pretty quickly.

Me and my girl!

Can you take one more post of this?  Tomorrow, back in Brooklyn.  Thanks for all your kind comments
and for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

Little P is into the "lightening fast" speed these days isn't she. How fast they change . . . TOO FAST! Adorable she is!

So how many days were you East? 2500 miles for just the weekend?

Love the final pic . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

She sure keeps you on your toes! Nice to take a trip as the leaves are about to turn...

Debby said...

Little Penny has lots to do you know. That's why she is on the go. My favorite picture is the last one. She is adorable.