Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update

Finished a prayer shawl I started too long ago. It's part of the service projects our Guild supports. I have had three shawls in progress, and with the cooler temperatures in the evening, I like having one on my lap making me cozy as I crochet.

This is a little project I made for Charlotte. She is hooked on owls. I found this vintage brass frame, sanded and sprayed it black. The illustration is from some cute scrapbook paper. It was hanging in the kitchen when we visited Jon and Charlotte this weekend for a little housewarming/birthday celebration.

This is our son Jon and our pal John. (John is more family than friend!) We brought over this coat rack that has been in our family forever. The ceremonial passing of the coat rack...and John was the first to hang his hoodie! We stayed around just long enough to admire the place, have some hot cider and snacks... and when about a dozen friends arrived, we headed home. (no need for mom and dad to ruin the festivities;-).

Sunday was a nesting day...While my better half watched the Bears, I, in a spontaneous need to rearrange got busy. By the time I ( and dear sweet understanding and strong hubby) was finished, I had moved all the furniture, washed the windows, decorated for Fall. Then I made a large salad and home made pizza for the kids who came home to watch the finale of Breaking Bad. (Personally, I am not a fan...I don't even like hearing it from the other room...)

What's on the agenda for his first week of October? The moving of my crafts down two flights of stairs is almost finished. (my knees say thank goodness!) All that's left is my computer and file cabinets. Now to sort and store all that I moved. Phase one almost complete. Washing the front windows looks so good I just might do the back ones. I have a few completed projects to share and a meeting to plan for. Hope all is well with you my friends. Thanks for stopping by, and for all you kind comments.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny

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Melanie said...

Another busy, but good weekend for Penny! I love the little owl picture you made, but you must have some pretty cool witching powers if you "prayed" it black, ha ha ha. (Go back and read your post. You must've had praying on your mind from talking about the prayer shawl, lol.) Hope we can get together soon, Penny - I miss you! Maybe one day next week?

Debby said...

You are a busy lady.
I am having an owl could do it for a Christmas present for Charlotte. I think it will be a a five way. Make five, keep one and get four back. It will be fun.

Lynne said...

Must be the year of the OWLS. We were at a birthday party last night for a twelve year old niece . . . everything owls for her!

Hey there dynamo rearranging, window washing, cleaning lady . . . you are invited here to do my window washing and cleaning!