Friday, September 27, 2013

The perks of age...

Making the trip home in one day gave us one vacation day left for resting and some thrifting. We headed out to find that Saver's gives a 25% discount to everyone over 55 on Tuesday. Sweet! The only thing I like more than thrifting is getting a great discount on already cheap stuff.

I found this triple woven throw with a pretty fall pattern. We have one that my dearest bought me years ago in Long Grove. That one is Christmasy, and it's a family favorite because it's cozy quotient is off the charts. Mike called his first nap under this harvest patterned throw, COZY! Price, $3.75!

Sometimes it pays to look around the store. Headed to the back to find my better half, I found this hurricane. It's amber base really caught my eye. It had a Crate and Barrel sticker still on it. I knew it would be a perfect touch for my harvest buffet. I later found the Pier One cinnamon candle. It wouldn't stand straight in the hurricane, so when I got it home, I poured a cup of sand in the bottom, and now it sits perfectly. (doesn't everyone have sand around the house...I have mine for summer displays and luminarias at Christmas) For less than the cost of the candle alone at Pier One, I have this oh so cool addition to my Autumn decorating. I still don't know how to display my beautiful Native American print...

One of my favorite Autumn/Winter decorations is this bowl, from dear Elizabeth. Last year I made these cool pinecones from fabric sent to me from
Barb@ Babs just a Babblin. I love to remember where things come from, their "story." Makes them more special to me.

Here's a beautiful new book, a gift from my daughter Kristen. She knows what Mama likes! I collect Golden Books, and this book, Golden Legacy tells their whole story. Filled with illustrations of vintage Golden Books...perfect for a chilly afternoon's reading, perhaps under my new cozy throw!

Hoping to bake something this weekend from the Heirloom Dessert cookbook. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by for a lil' something. ;-)

Have a great weekend my friends!

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Treasures found by the professional thrifter! I like that pumpkin pic too, is that yours?

Melanie said...

Great finds, as always! I won't be in your neighborhood this weekend, but will be passing by-ish (Rt 12) early Sunday morning on my way to Navy Pier! ;-)