Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feels like summer, looks like fall...

It was 95 degrees yesterday, and will be again today.
The garden looks like the last roundup, yes it's fall alright.
The jack be littles aren't as little as in years past.  I think they
like the dry conditions.  Since Labor Day it has been dry here.

Have you ever grown bottle gourds?
The have taken over the yard.
There are vines that are over twenty feet long...
and still growing.

We have bottle gourds, our neighbor has bottle gourds...

I've read that you should let the gourds dry on the vine
until the stems are dry and brown.

The sunflower, not a fan of drought.

The zucchini just keep coming!

There's an arbor under there somewhere.

How about this colorful coleus, still putting on a show.

as are the hosta...

Not one bloom from my hydrangeas out front this year.
The ones out back made up for it by the dozens.

What a trooper, this Boston fern.  Took everything the summer had to throw at it and
came out looking like this!  I've got to find someone with a sunny exposure to 
give this baby a winter home.

The work continues.  My guys moved a large cabinet down from the second floor to the basement.
Have all my sewing equipment, (except my fabric and basket rack) set up and ready to go.
Can you believe I started a craft project in the thick of this mess?  Old habits die hard.
This old girl can only go up and down the stairs so many times before the body says, OUCH!
I'll be sitting for a while today, grateful for the help and support of my honey and our strong and
encouraging sons. Thankful for the invention of Tylenol, and the fact I have until November 15th
to have this all straightened out. Wish me luck!  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Debby said...

Your gardens and flowers look so good for this time of year. My ground cover and weeds look great> (((HUGS))))

Lynne said...

Your garden and flowers still look like they are thriving . . . mine are in the down turn. This hot weather phase will no doubt encourage the cut back! . . .

I am in a What To Do with a Fern dilemma too!

Melanie said...

Love the gourds and pumpkins - very cool! It's amazing how long those vines can grow. I go up and down my stairs at least 25x/day. So far, my knees are good. :-)

So you're transforming your basement? Why do you only have until Nov. 15th? And one more question...where is Sharon Springs? (Reading your previous post.)

savvycityfarmer said...

we're on the downward spiral now!!

miss your 'voice'