Thursday, September 12, 2013

Small Accomplishments

Like getting this large cupboard downstairs.

Some of my vintage lovelies.

This is my Buscia.  She looks stern but was quick to laugh and had
a bosom that you could snuggle up to!  The reason I'm showing this
photo is...get a load of those curtains...look familiar?
They are very similar to the curtains I thrifted and have hung
downstairs in my temporary craft cave.
I think this photo predates me, so early 1950's

A small bit of autumn goin on, here and there.

Some much enjoyed reading.  Both magazines had great stories and photos.  Country Living rarely fails,
and the Flea Market mag, at it's $$ price tag was a reward for good behavior.  I can say no more. ;-)
("I can say no more..." is a quote from the Beatle's movie Help! In our family we use this and many meaning less to anyone but us quotes from everything from Roadhouse to PeeWee Herman, just sayin...;-)

Do you have any silly sayings in your family?  Please share in the comments.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

P.S. Sharon Springs is the home of Josh and Brent the Beekman Boys, where they have an annual Harvest Fest!  They are about 4 hours from NYC, and it will be an official "Penny Club" meeting, meaning, I get to go with sweet p.! Thanks for asking my friends.

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babs said...

Our family sayings: from my Dad...."Why not?"
And on birthdays....half way to......we double their age. I.e. if you are 44, we say half way to 88!

Melanie said...

Ooh, I can't imagine the work involved in getting that cupboard downstairs! Didn't that used to be in your bedroom?

Lynne said...

LYSUB . . . we write on a note when we are leaving a message. Can you figure it out . . .

SPECIAL . . . became a standard positive when we created something
"special" . . . like,
"special" dip
"special" potato salad
"special" sauce
"special" place
"special" seven layer salad
and on and on . . .

Please don't move that cupboard all by yourself!

Terri Cheney said...

Love you, mean it.
reply: Ditto

and "Ya? Ya...Ya..." from Fargo