Monday, September 9, 2013

Where spiders go to die...

After a week of purging, sorting, stacking, cleaning, sucking spider webs and the remains of spiders past and present, I am here...  I have clean surfaces.  Two tables for crafting and sewing and a work surface that
I am so excited about.  I have this dining room table, that never fit our dining room. ( I have a smaller glass table that fills the bill.)  I had the genius idea to make it a cutting and ironing surface by buying those risers
made for bringing your bed off the ground so you can hide stuff under there.  In this case it brings the table up to counter height.  It's surprisingly sturdy too.  I have a few stools that I can set around it.

Right now there are EMPTY storage boxes underneath.  Yes, after a few trips with a
filled truck to the local thrifts, I have some space...

Not for long.  Now to bring all my stuff from upstairs, downstairs.
A task my sons will be helping me with in the weeks to come.

This is not a perfect solution, but for right now it will be fine.
Mike will get a bigger space, we will gain another much needed
guest room.  Sweetheart of mine will get the larger work
space he deserves and all will be well...

It is a basement after all, and must function for different purposes...

storage for those kids that live in small places
and still need their stuff.

I found this floor cloth I painted many many years ago.  Do you remember the floor cloth craze?
That basket stencil is the first I ever bought.
I stenciled a dresser (that I still have) almost thirty years ago
with the that same stencil. (and I found the stencil too...can you say hoarder?)

This is my beautiful teenage niece I call Emala.  We celebrated her birthday this weekend
with the family.  We had the best time, talking and laughing around a fire.
Another one of my babies, so grown up....

We went to a rummage sale or two.
 Just up the road...
The petite point pillow is filled with feathers, but I threw it into the wash,
and it came out perfect.  The denim one... I threw the pillow form out and just washed the sham.
A clean old pillow form filled it nicely.
I didn't even unfold the woolen blanket when I found it,
I just knew it would be yards of felted green wool.

When I opened it up to wash, I found this...US!
A real Army blanket.

I looked it up and because of the # it was manufactured in 1969
during the Vietnam war.  It washed great and I offered it to my son Mike.
He thought it was very cool... too cool to cut.

This small metal basket... This might be the last sale of the rummage season.
We have had so much fun... and I even met a long lost relative.
(An Italian Presbyterian? A story for another day.)

I had to share with you this family. Look at those beautiful faces.  My amazing daughter Kris, my heart... baby grand Sweet p. and sweet Doug.  What a great little family.
I love these guys so much! I'm gonna see them soon!
Guess where we are going together...

I can say no more! 

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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babs said...

Sweet P is getting so big! Nice family pic! Where is the Harvest Fest? Don't recognize the name of the town at all.
So happy you made lots of progress with purging, I'm stuck. What to do with all my fabric pieces and scraps etc.?

Debby said...

Wow, your space looks so clean and uncluttered. I am impressed.
Cute picture of the kiddos. So glad you are going to visit soon. Yeah.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

yay, a Penny Cave! Let the crafting begin! Love that you're having a new space of your own. I know great things will happen there.....beautiful family, blessed mom and grandmom.

Lynne said...

I like that . . . penny has a new Penny Cave!

Great news . . . Off to see the little Sweet P very soon!