Thursday, September 26, 2013

There's no place like home, There's no place like home...

There were more than a few times I felt like I could use some ruby slippers
while were were in NY. I am a homebody.  When we are here with Penny, Kris and Doug,
I miss my guys, our family and friends here and home sweet home.
 These were in our hotel lobby.

Home to Kris and Doug and Penny is Brooklyn.

So on our last day there we hung out together.
The grocery favorite place to visit when in NY.
Really, they have the coolest supermarket...
and from the parking lot you can see the Statue of Liberty!
Having Penny with us was a fun experience.
I forget how hard everyday chores become while also
keeping a 16 month old safe and occupied.

A single old fashioned rose dangled right in our path as we walked
the neighborhoods.

At the park...
At this point Papa was pooped!

What's so funny?...

Mommy on the swing!
Have I mentioned what a great Mom Kris is?

Daddy pushing both of his girls.
After just a few swings, off she goes.
Luckily there are closed gates to keep little ones safe.

There she goes!

Their neighborhood has so many lovely churches,
some still churches, some now apartments and homes.


City child, our girl.

The playground.  Almost empty on a Sunday afternoon.

Lined with Ginkgo trees.

My favorite little family.

Snacking on the go.

A cool vintage stove in a restaurant window.
...Then dinner with my heart of hearts.
No long goodbye, I told her I would be back...
(On Saturday night she cried for me when we left...
she was fine, I was not!)
Bridges, tunnels, highways...

Crossing the bridge to go back to the hotel for our last night in NY.
Of course I miss those kids of mine, but boy it's good to be home.

Next time they'll come to me, and I'll be happy to have everyone here...
until it's time for them to go...This Grandma's lament...always having my heart

Thanks for coming along on our adventure.  Back to work, cleaning and moving the
rooms around.  Also taking some time for a little crafting and thrifting.  Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Debby said...

Love the pictures. Do they live in the apartment building. I think I remember pictures when they moved their. Yes, 16 month old children have an endless amount of energy. Poor Penny missed her grammy. What does she call you. It will get easier when you know that they understand why you come and go. Finally all of mine do. (((((HUGS))))

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet journey with us. Even though you miss your sweet P (who is getting so big!), it's always good to be home, isn't it?

Lynne said...

The joy is evident yet, I feel your ache as you cross the bridges, hills, highways home . . . lamenting once again with the times of longing in between.

At your heart of hearts you are "about family" Penny . . . I am sad for you that part of "family" is a spaceship away most days.

And with that . . . you are back on track, longing for the next time when you'll be swinging in Palatine with your sweet, little P . . .

A person of golden love, patience and humility, you are!