Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bee in My Bonnet!

Minding my own business, I went to a thrift store, where I happened upon this plate. Lovely plate, unusual plate.  Awesome plate!  I actually bought it so my husband could drill a hole in it. Have you seen the garden ornaments made from old china and glassware? They are stacked and bolted to a metal stake, and look like a flower.  They sparkle and gleam in the sunshine, and I thought this might be a cool foundation until...
I looked up the pattern on the net and found all these great pieces. This one put a bee in my bonnet! I love this tureen. This is my "THING" the seasons.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn,
and here it is on a soup tureen!

The pattern is called The Garden Kitchen made by Wood and Sons in England. The Replacement China site has no prices, still I hear buzzing in my head and I need to find out more about this pattern. Really, I was minding my own business...

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

YAY! You switched over to pop-up window comments! I can comment now to my heart's content! (Really, this makes me SO happy!) I looked at plates at G.W. yesterday and found zip. Great and beautiful and interesting score. Guess you kind of HAVE to search out the rest, wouldn't want that little plate to feel lonely now would we? lol By the way, you should get thee over to my Club G.W. Party going on right now and join in! Hope to see you there!

ps again, so glad I can comment, yippee!

Lynne said...

BTW, what are pop up window comments?

Love this stoneware, china and plan to look it up to see if I can find more info. I will let you know . . .

Don't you love a "good find?"