Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just got a text saying that Kristen, our daughter has landed in NY after her trip to London and Paris.  Kris' friend Liz had someone steal her phone about five minutes after they got off the train in Paris.  Since I haven't actually talked to Kris yet, all I know is that it was a terrible day in Paris and they missed the train back to London.  These are not two country bumpkins, but smart and savvy women that live in NY.  They were brought to tears by whatever happened. 
It's a test of a Mother's faith to have her child across the ocean, and then when things really do go badly, I  asked God and called out all the Saints in heaven,  including Mom and Dad to watch over Kristen.
 My stomach is still in knots, but at least she is back in the good old US of A.

I naively thought when I was pregnant with Kristen, that I would worry about her for the first 18 years tops.  We never stop worrying...but it's a blessing to have her the safety of NY city....WHAT AM I SAYING?  LOL  Enjoy this beautiful day.

The photos are an effort to feel serene and peaceful thoughts...Didn't work for me either!


Aunt Barb said...

I am happy Kristen is safe and sound and back on our soil. You can relax now my dear!

Hot House Market said...

So glad to see you and your husband this weekend :) and glad to hear your daughter made it back OK~ hope I get to meet her some day in NYC! xoxo Carrie @ Hot House Market