Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update

We needed a road trip and a day off so we headed to Tipton, Indiana for Horton's French Flea Market. I'd read about it and it sounded like a great day trip.  I planned to meet Barb of Babs Just a Babblin and Lynne of Irish Garden House.  We were about an hour and a half into our trip when Barb called and said that they were finished, had gone through the market and were headed home.  (They stayed close by Tipton and were there when it first opened.)  I was sad that I wouldn't be seeing Barb again and meeting Lynne, but there will be other markets and sales this summer.  The stars will align and we'll meet again soon  Auntie Barb!

We are not very familiar with Indiana, at least not the central part.  There's not much except the wind farm that stretches for miles and miles.  That was very cool to see.  We got to the town of Tipton after noon.  There are farms  all around the town, and the town itself was nice. 

 The displays in Horton's were lovely.  They were made from salvaged windows and shutters..
 Fretwork and ladders. 
 I especially liked the mossy and green display.
 I didn't take any photos of the vendors, but there are some good ones on the Horton's blog.  I got to see Carrie and Doug of Hot House Market.  They have some good photos on their blog too.  They are the coolest couple, always have the greatest stuff and are so very nice. We bought a bright blue wooden tool carrier from them.  I also saw Rebecca's booth, from A Re-Purposed Life.  She had beautiful art and jewelry, thought I missed seeing her lovely self. 
 I love a good old Courthouse, and they had one...
Another historic spot, I'm sure!  We had a good time, and a much needed day away.  More on our big weekend tomorrow!  Have a great day!

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