Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recap... July 4th

I didn't get much decorating done for the 4th this year.  I did decorate some cupcakes in a festive holiday manner and opened a Charles Wysocki book to an appropriate page!
 We enjoyed the fireworks in our town... Took this photo from the car...The mosquitoes were bad!
Found all this great fabric for the low low price of $0.85 per yard!!!!  Most of it will go to the pillow case project for my guild...some for my stash. (Hancock Fabrics, dollar bolts and everything was 15% off!)
 The Annabelle are putting on a great show this year.  This was after I cut dozens for a recent event.
Our little bird is moving...into our backyard!  Well, her little house is.  We've got the room...

and her garden is growing so quickly...just like she is!   An all around great 4th of July!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday too.

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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Such pretty pics Penny!
What kind of sweets were those little cakes?
They look yummy!