Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Party Pics

Cleaning the house for the party, I asked my dearest to put the toys up on our bed.  Instead of a toss, he lovingly put them to bed.  Dear Lord, I love that man! (Left to right, Clarence, Baby, Cindy, Wish Bear, Honey and Friend Bear, all our children's cherished toys except Clarence...he's mine!)
Hung this pennant banner from the Hob Lob.  Made of felt and really nicely done.  Can it replace the Carebear plastic sign that traditionally decorates the house on some one's birthday?  Oh yeah!
 This giant butterfly kite was a perfect pop of color on the green bush.  Monarchs are my all time favorite.
Set up a candy bar, to make your own favor, but had to move it inside because of the high temps.  Anyone need 5lbs of candy?  Only a couple of people took home a sack.

 The next morning a storm blew through, sending everything flying.
 The little house was covered with branches,

The hydrangeas and other flowers were knocked flat!  What a difference a day makes.  We were fortunate not to lose power like so many others in our town.  I staked up the flowers and see that most of the plants have bounced back.

This was my 300th post!  Thanks so very much for coming to visit, and your kind comments.  My sweet followers, thank you so much.  I love sharing here, and appreciate and love the friends I've made.  My blog is a part of me now, and I love to write and photograph for it.  Thanks to the girls that inspired me in the beginning, and all the great blogs that inspire me everyday.  Well, that's the story.  Back to my regularly scheduled life, and the business of home, right here in English Valley.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Heidi said...

Looks like you have had an eventful couple of weeks! 300 posts! Wow ~ it goes by fast doesn't it? Congrats!

tikascm said...

How adorable are the "babies" in that big bed!! How you find the time for all the blogging, picture taking, short day trips, family gatherings, church ministries, and of course taking such great care of "little birg" - you are AMAZING!
Love you pal -

tikascm said...

Sorry - meant to type "little bird", not little birg -