Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

 I took my sweaty self to Ikea!  Truth be told, it wasn't actually a cooler place to walk, but oh the eye candy!  How about this kitchen.  We had a five year plan for our kitchen...that was eleven years ago.
 The Swedish have style, at a price we can usually afford.
 I don't have the wall space for this plate rack...but I still want it!
I came home with these embroidered hand towels.  Linen and cotton blend.  The galvanized tray I bought at a quick trip to the Colonial Antique Mall in Woodstock last weekend.  It was made in Poland!  The August Romantic Homes magazine has the best flea markets across the US.  A must read!
 Trying my hand at some potholders. I haven't accomplished much. 
I discovered some of all places, the garage.  They were in a dresser I pass so often I don't even notice it anymore.  Finding them has given me some ideas.  I wouldn't hold my breath seeing any completed projects.  I think that's why they call these the dog days of summer.   I'm sitting here doing nothing and hoping someone will scratch me behind the ears, oh yeah, and I'm dreaming of squirrels!  Keep cool my friends!

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