Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Reading/Paris Scoop...

Our daughter Kristen sent me a package of magazines and a newspaper she bought for me in London and in Paris.  Perfect for summer reading.

Remember I mentioned that Kristen and her friend had a terrible time in Paris, but  I didn't know what happened...  Here's the scoop... The trip to Paris started to go bad as soon as they arrived by train and had to make a "pit stop" but the bathrooms were pay toilets and they had no euros only pounds.  This took them to the exchange window, and their first encounter with Paris.  A man got very close to Kristen's friend, and the next thing they knew her friend's phone was gone.  They actually chased the man out of the train station and out into the street.  They yelled in English, he in French.  No one stopped to help... and the crook walked away.  The girls spent the next 2 hours filling out a report with the police.  The police asked them what the guy looked like...and the police told the girls there was no hope of finding him or the phone.  The girls spent the entire day in Paris fending off pan handlers, shady looking people selling things, and the seediest bunch of people these New Yorkers have ever seen.  That's saying a lot from the little bit of time I spent in NY!  Traffic was horrible and they missed the train back to London, and both ended up in tears.  Certainly not the romantic image I've had of Paris.  Kris' friend had been to Paris before and said it was not the same Paris that she had visited in years past.  The good news is that they LOVED London, and had the very best time.  They were hosted by a friend who only wanted funfetti cake mixes, and paper stick Q-Tips for room and board!    Kris has been home for a week now, and just getting back to feeling herself.  She thought jet lag was a myth!

Campagnard translates to rustic or country...Maisons Cosy...Cozy House?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I just know they are not talking about the library...all I remember from High School French.

These British magazines are a little easier to decipher.  I am enjoying them very much, and hope to show you some of the cool things inside. Thanks so much Kristen, and welcome home!!!

P.S.  And now a message from the J.J.Bittenbinder school of safety... If you are ever in a similar situation...NEVER let anyone get that close to you...look them in the eye and yell MOVE, or BACK  OFF!  Don't be afraid to be embarrassed...better to be embarrassed, than to be robbed or assaulted! NEVER chase anyone who has your stuff...they may have a gun or knife.  Phones can be replaced, you cannot!

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Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Penny!
Scary story. I have never ever had a problem in Paris but have had a similar one in Londaon!
You juest never know.
You just have to really have your guard up when you travel... anywhere.
I am glad the girls were safe.
Looking forward to your content of the magazines post!