Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Things Done

Even though the heat has zapped any ambition to create...there is still the need to get things done.  My dear pal Carmella is going to be a Grandma yet again, and brought me the fleece and yarn to complete this blanket for her soon to be baby boy.  I think she did a great job choosing the yarns to match the fleece. It was a quick  project, while I watched 3 episodes of a favorite science show.
 The yarn is bamboo and wool, which caused a little sneezing while I crocheted.
 The print is so cute.
 The combination was perfect. 
 It's ready for you to pick up Carmella.  Hope the little one likes it!
 Caught this beautiful sky in the parking lot of Culver's.  Yes, I was there for the frozen custard!
 We visited a small antique show at the even fancier pants mall in South Barrington.  Have you noticed the trend of live plants displayed and sold with the vintage treasures?  This angel vine was spectacular!
I bought a handkerchief and a few buttons. I felt so bad for the vendors out in the heat and humidity.  We were there for just a half hour and we were so happy to get back into the air conditioned car.  Seems to be the way we are spending this summer.  Running from the cool house to the cool car and sweltering in between.

On Sunday Morning, on CBS this weekend, there was a clever story about how we feel about the heat/how we feel about the cold and how we can lose our perspective. I personally prefer the cold...
You can cozy up to the fire, put on a sweater, make a pot of soup, snuggle.  In the heat...I'm only good for short walks, after the sun sets...cooking?  NOT! BUT, I do love all the flowers and watching them grow, a cool breeze off the Lake, a field filled with lightning bugs, a starry starry night.  Thank God for four seasons, for each of them have their own magic!  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

What a darling quilt you made! You crochet so fast, amazing!

I am a winter person for many of the reasons you mentioned. Having said what I just said, I do love and appreciate the four seasos we experience in the mid west.

Today was a "treat day" with blue skies, gentle breeze and relaxation on the porch. It can't get much better.

"What a wonderful world . . ."

embroidered clothing said...

That print is so cute and really awesome, The selection of both colors is perfect and looks attractive. You are very talented to select multi colors.

tikascm said...

My Dear Pal: Thank you again for doing such a lovely job of crocheting the edge of the fabric for me. Like I had told you I bought a bit of fabric to make a tied fleece blanket, and then Vashti asked for one "like the one you made me". I really need to learn to crochet - it is so much faster than the knitting that I do. But Again - THANK YOU and I will be by soon. Warm Hugs to the Greatest Pal a "girl" could have.