Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Blessings

It's the traditions we keep for Easter that I love most.  Coloring eggs.  This year my son Mike and I stood around the island and each colored 6 eggs.  He was on his way to "band business" on his day off but stopped a moment to make his Mom happy.

On Saturday I gathered a representation of our food for the Easter feast, and my dearest and I went to Church for a traditional blessing of the food.  The custom has Polish roots, and is so popular in our Parish that there are 3 scheduled blessings.  One in English and 2 in Polish.  We accidentally went to one of the Polish blessings last year and giggled all the way through. 


Colored eggs, butter lamb, bread, Polish sausage, candy, wine...each has an individual
prayer, and symbolizes something about Christ's passion and resurrection.

No real kielbasa for this American girl.  I get my at the grocery store. (Martha Stewart was having three different kinds shipped from around the country for her Easter.)

It is a tradition that reminds me of my Buscia and my Mom.  I hope that Kristen and her daughter will want to keep this Easter blessing alive for another generation.

I can't remember a prettier Easter Sunday.  We spent a while cleaning the deck and in the yard, hoping some of our guests would want to eat outside.  Of course that never happened, but we were down almost 10 guests from last year.  Kris and Doug stayed home this year, so their "peeps" who usually come to our brunch did not come. This year we had dinner, so our family members who had to work would be able to attend.

One thing I look forward to every year is my special delivery of the Lamb Cake!  My dearest of dear friends Mary bakes one for me every year.  After a conversation in the aisle at the Dominic's looking for the Dromedary Pound Cake Mix, I confessed to NEVER having any luck getting a lamb cake that had ears, a face or a backside.  That started a tradition that has gone on for years.  Talk about Easter blessings, Mary is one of them!

There are no mouth watering photos of our dinner, or even of most of our guests.  I actually put my camera in my apron so I would remember to take some pictures.  No, it didn't happen.

I did catch a few of our participants in our egg hunt funded by my dearest's change jar.  Let's just say, these kids made a bundle. 

I'm so proud of this one...she crocheted the edge on this blanket for me.  She is so talented and beautiful inside and out.

 Our little bird,

and her sister, the baby bug...  We are blessed beyond measure.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Jill said...

What a lovely, lovely day you had. I adore the lamb cake! Everything looked so pretty and perfect. The blessing of the food is a wonderful tradition.

Debby said...

That cake is so nice. I bet it tastes good as well.
Your little bird and little bug are adorable. They sure can make the holidays fun.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Sounds like a grand day. So glad you got to spend it with family. And those colored eggs are awesomely pretty!