Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kind words are dearer...

Before Easter I found this treasure and had to share it with you.  This beautiful hand painted picture with lovely calligraphy, was found at the Goodwill.  It has 3 mats cut into concentric circles, with this verse...

Looks of love are sweet, but kind words are dearer-
they fall upon the path and spring up like flowers in life.

 Isn't that the truth, the power of a kind word.

It is very hard to photograph anything covered in glass,
but you can see how lovely this is, and all the detail and the care taken to frame this work of art.
The frame is even crackled.

All those beautiful flowers, and the little blue ones are
 forget me nots.
 My Kristen's baby ring has forget me nots on it. ;-)

It is signed by the artist, Sister Karlyn Cauley.
As the tag on the back states, she is a Sister of the Divine Savior

It's meant to hang like this.

Thank you Sister Karlyn, I appreciate all the work and talent and love that went into this beautiful piece, and I will abide by your wise words.

Thank you my friends for stopping in today, you brighten up my days with your friendship and kind comments.  Have a great day.

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Jill said...

That is a really beautiful treasure!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

What a neat treasure!

Anne Marie said...

that is so cool Penny! I love it when I find things that are sentimental and not even mine!!

happy belated Easter :)

Lynne said...

This is incredible . . . How could someone give it away. I would call and see if Sister is still at the Miwaukee address!

This could not have found a more perfect home. . . . might be lovely in a granddaughter nursery too . . .
Love, Lynne