Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting the Lead Out

I was in a creating mood, but my space is still a wreck.  So I cleared off my sewing table and crafted anyway.  I've been doing these transfers for years, but saw someone doing them again.  I had the transfer paper and the towels, so I whipped these up.

For these frilly ones, I cut a flour sack towel in half and hemmed the cut side.  I used another towel to cut some strips that I ruffled and attached.  It felt good to get something done, even a little something.

I jumped on the ball jar pump dispenser band wagon and made myself one.  I will be more aware of the things I buy with a pump.  I was surprised at how few I had in the house.  I had this pump from a small soap container, already had the jar and the zinc top.  I used 9001 high strength adhesive, you know it's good because of the skull and cross bones on the tube. Yikes!!!  The glue will never touch the soap.  I let it dry overnight and I've got a cool container for my sink.  I did spray a clear coat on the zinc top, inside and out.
Joy of joys, I have my own Muguet...Lily of the Valley.  I had planted some very late in the fall one year and they didn't come up in the spring.  Last year I planted in the spring, just a few sprigs in a pot that I bought.  This spring I have my own tiny patch!  Does anything smell sweeter?  Do any of you remember the fragrance from Yardley, Muguet de Bois?  As a young girl I loved it.   

While I was out in the yard, this little guy was taking in a little sun on a cool and windy day.  Definitely not butterfly friendly weather.  Still, it was a pleasure to see him.

Have a great day my friends.

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I so love Lillies of the Valley and I do remember that perfume! We had them growing in our front yard as a child and they always bring back good memories. You're too crafty with the towels and the jar. That dang jar's been on my list for a bout 2 years now! Love the ruffles.


Lynne said...

Always creating aren't you . . . I like the Mason jar soap idea. Remember to practice using both hands today! SMILE . . .

Anonymous said...

My neighborhood in LaSalle County, Ill. is full of these butterflies. I have never seen some many!!!