Friday, April 13, 2012

Reading for a Rainy Weekend

I hit the library for some reading material for a rainy weekend.  Are you a Jane Austen fan?  Me too!  I am amazed at the titles using Jane Austen as a jumping off place, and I've read a bunch.  These look good, and when I finish the books I can pick up a hook and crochet something romantic!

Some sweet inspiration.

These girls have the best ideas, for anytime of the year.

After watching The Bronson Pinchot Project on DIY, I so want to be more daring in my decorating.  Bronson should really write a book, but until then, Salvage Secrets will do!

Birds.  They've been on my mind.  Right before Easter, I lost my parakeet, Mr. Dilbert Pickles, after a long illness.  I've included his obituary, as it was published in the Budgie Gazette.  Rest in peace Dill. Sigh...

Dilbert Pickles
Dilbert Pickles was laid to
rest under the rose arbor
in a quiet evening
ceremony attended by
his friends. In a touching
eulogy, Dill was remembered
with a story about his
brief escape from his
cage.  Dill is survived
by his mate Blueberry Pie.

Here comes that rainy day feeling again...

Seriously, Have a great weekend my friends.

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Jill said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. May Blueberry Pie fill the void left behind. I love the names of your birds.

Sounds like you are busy creating! How fun!

Lynne said...

I too am sorry to hear of your loss. Is that bringing the rainy day feelings to you big time?

Maybe this will bring a smile . . . My sons BD is tomorrow. I made a cake. Second round cake in my lifetime . . . not a baker. The first one was an angel food and when I took it out of the pan there were holes all over. Desperation set in. . . so I cut the bottom off and tried to fill the holes. Tears, desperate, crying . . . you can figure out the rest of the story! Hubby went out and bought a cake for his BD party . . . I said, "NEVER AGAIN!" Until today . . . As I said Scott's BD tomorrow and he will be will be 48 . . . So try again I did. Not perfect but better than the one I made 51 years ago . . .

I will post about it tomorrow . . . smiling yet?