Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm still at it...

My dear pal Jean, asked if I could use this dresser, and of course I can.  DH removed the knobs and I gave it the once over with a sanding sponge.  It's going to be the lightest gray, and will go in the guest room to hold tiny socks and diapers. 

This lamp will be painted too.  It's tall and that's what I need...I've got loads of tiny lamps.

The rummage sale season is in full swing.  I bought the juice carafe for a friend.  The carafe, old jar, 6 silver plate spoons, the eyelet doily and 2 boxes of pretty birth announcements, $1!  The aluminum tray and shelf were pricey by comparison, $2.50 and $3.00.

This little box was the heart breaker.  On the basket table for $1...look, it's signed on the bottom...

Kyle, it must have been a mistake.
 I could never give away one of my guy's projects.  My son Jon made this 18 years ago, and I have things that Mike made and even a footstool my DH  made in shop, back in the day!  I guess I'm just sentimental.

 A little pretty...
For my friends.  Have a great week, and enjoy this beautiful day!  Penny

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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Great finds, Penny. I need to get out there and find me some great stuff, too! Can't wait to see the dresser and lamp!


Lynne said...

Great finds Penny . . . I am looking forward to getting out to some sales! College friend of mine, and her hubby, work and chair a yearly rummage sale for their church. I wish I lived near to visit ths sale which was last weekend. They raised $16,000 for their church. Amazing effort isn't it?