Friday, August 24, 2012

Amish Birds

Hi Friends, That's what I'm calling this WIP, Amish Birds.  I bought these bird panels long
before I was blogging at an Amish store in Indiana.
They had a remarkable selection of quilting fabric, along with canning jars, rubber hose, cooking pots, hardware...a store you could really get lost in.  I spent more money on fabric in that store than I ever have at one time.   There was a beautiful quilt on display incorporating these blocks.
I thought one day I'd make a fantastic quilt using them...but the reality is, it's not gonna happen in this lifetime.

The fabric is called Holiday Chorus by Nancy Davis Murty for Andover Fabrics.

It's holiday, but it doesn't scream Christmas.
I'd say it will be good to display from fall through winter.
I'm going to make yet another raw edge throw.

Working out the layout on the guest room bed.  The late afternoon sun looked so pretty
highlighting this row of birds.

This is the fabric I'm using for the top.  One of my yard sale finds.  I think it's a much better thing to have a throw for my family to enjoy today, than a someday piece of fabric resting in a drawer.  ;-)

Taking the weekend off from crafting...besides it's 90 degrees again today.  I need to get OUT!  Have a great weekend my friends.  Thank you so much for visiting and especially for your friendship.

 P.S. All of my New Yorkers are safe, thank God. 
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