Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm Report

Here at the Willoughby Farm the harvest is going well in spite of the drought.

Considering these are just cherry tomatoes, and a tiny basket just half full is nothing to write home about. ;-) This is my very first crop of cherry tomatoes, and I was able to serve them to our guests last weekend to rave reviews.  I picked about 25 so far, delicious.

ZUCCHINI!  Never grew one before.  I have the best recipe for zucchini bread, the secret ingredient... orange zest!  Can't wait.

Rosemary loves the dry weather.

And a bumper crop of Zinnias.  Have a great weekend my friends!

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Lynne said...

Okay friend . . . I need the recipe! Thanks!!!

Wild Oak Designs said...

Good job!
Zucchini is generally easy, given the right ingredients of sun, water and soil..
sometimes they don't do well if not warm enough...such as our case....
Hope your tomatoes keep going....