Thursday, August 30, 2012

It Started with a Green Bowl

It did all start with seeing a photo of a table setting with a green glass bowl.  A couple of posts back, I shared the photo and technique for coloring clear glass.  While cooking dinner one evening, I decided to make a tablescape, using some of the elements from the inspiration table and some of my own ideas.

I didn't have daisies, or a large white pitcher.  What I did have were 2 just picked zucchinis, some oak leaves I picked up on our walk, and some burr oak acorns I found on the ground at a friend's home.

 I had never seen these acorns before.  I had to look up "fuzzy acorns" to find that they come from the burr oak.  I had my dearest helping me pick them up in the rain on Sunday.  The things he does for love!

I put one of my white footed bowls on a vintage cutting board.  Filled the bowl with moss, oak leaves and the acorns.  The zucchini matched my palette, plus gave the table the look of late summer... On the brink of Autumn look  I was going for.

Kristen's friend Lizz gave me these little salt and pepper shakers a few years back.  They are so tempting for little hands, but have managed to survive to decorate my table.

I pulled out all the stops and the fine ;-) wine glasses.  They are the kind you get in a box of 12 for $10, at least back when I bought them, at the Linens and Such...

All because of a little green bowl.  I appreciate all who commented on the painting glass post.  It seems the simple things draw the most attention.  Thanks my friends. Enjoy this beautiful day!


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Looks like you find enjoyment in the creating like I do . . . Very nice Penny!