Friday, August 17, 2012

Elizabeth's Birthday, My Gifts

Last night we celebrated my SIL Elizabeth's birthday
with a homemade pizza dinner at my house.
 Elizabeth as I mentioned in my last post is so generous...
rarely visiting without bringing me a gift.
 She is a expert in flea market and garage sale shopping.
 She bought all of this at a sale for less than $1.00.
 She is always thinking of me!

I have been looking for little tins like this...
I've seen the cutest pin cushions made with these tins as a base.

Betty aka Elizabeth, has been collecting milk glass
containers for me for several years.
This is my first covered container.

How about this bowl...  just love the pouring lip on it.

My little collection of milk bottles...Betty has found me about half of them.
No, you can't have her... 
Betty is amazing, and I am so grateful
to have her as my SIL and dear friend! 
Talk about dear friends...
I'll be seeing my best girlfriends
this weekend for an all out reunion.
I can't wait.  Have a great weekend my friends!

P.S.  The other half of Penny Jennifer is visiting Kris and sweet p.. 
 Jenny aka Yentl is visiting with our namesake,
and making the rounds of all the hot spots in Brooklyn...
Trader Joe's, Ikea and the Fairway grocery.
Friends for 30 years, how is that possible when they
are just 29 themselves?;-)
Wish I were there with them to hear the laughter.
No one makes Kris laugh like Jen!
Love you guys!

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