Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Update

Found a rummage sale...they are few and far between this late in the summer.  Anyway, I found some vintage looking postcards, 4 framed prints that I wanted for the frames only, a tall apothecary jar, 16 little fabric Christmas panels of cute little mice, a box of tinsel garland and a white glass bowl.

These cards look old, with corny old sayings.

These prints are cute, but I really wanted them to frame photos of a small person I know.;-)

I have a few of these white glass bowls.  I think they came with a stand mixer, back in the day.  When I am cooking, I never have enough bowls. 
We have looked all summer for a new umbrella for the patio table, but the prices were crazy.  We saw this one and my dearest got the price down to $5!!! 

 I have a lid that will fit perfectly.

 I almost forgot the cute tablecloth.  Not that anyone really cares what I pay for my junk, but I only spent $3.25.  That's what I get for sleeping in, half price! ( The umbrella was a separate purchase)
Joy of joys, my Four O'Clocks are blooming.  The smell of them takes me back to my childhood.  These are flowers that my Buscia always grew. 
 I grow so many of the same things she did... Someday I will write about her...
and a drum roll please..............My first zucchini!  That's my first job today,  making zucchini bread.

Our little vacation is over, back to reality.  Yesterday, something in the air was different...a little crisp, the skies were clearer and it almost felt like fall.  This feeling will be short lived, as the heat will be back with us again today, but yesterday... I picked up a crochet hook and started a project.  I have a few ideas rattling in my head for some Autumnal pillows and a throw for the sofa...or do you say couch?  Is that a Chicago thing?  Oh well.  Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate your friendship.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Debby said...

Some cute goodies you found. COuld it be Baby Penny's pictures going in those frames.
It was cooler this morning so I opened the windows. Nice but it is warming up so will have to close.
Have a good week.

Lynne said...

I like the four o'clocks . . . fun having flowers and plants that remind us of a loved one. Nasturtiums were one of my moms favorites . . .

We had a feeling of fall in the air too. Amazing what it did to my energy level!