Saturday, October 13, 2012

All To Ourselves

Behold Lake Michigan!

When you live in a highly populated area such as Chicagoland, you share space with a few million people.
Rarely do you go anywhere and find that you are alone...Except this morning.  We took a very early morning drive into the city to take our visiting son to work.  We took the scenic route home down Lake Shore Drive to Sheridan Road.  My better half suggested a stop at our favorite spot on the beautiful North Shore.  The beach was empty!  Sure it was 8:00am on a cold and damp October Saturday, but we had the beach ALL TO OURSELVES.

Looking up and down the beach there were only footprints...Human, dog and gull.

There were leaves floating in the waves...

and sitting on the sand.

We walked along the beach a little sorry that we hadn't bundled up for the weather.
What an amazing gift to have all of Lake Michigan to ourselves!

Lake Michigan never fails to impress and inspire.  You know I'm smitten, I've been under it's spell for my whole life.

 On the ride home we cranked up the heat,

and admired the view.

Don't you love when an ordinary day reveals the extraordinary?  Thanks honey, I'll remember today always. Have a wonderful day my friends.

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Lynne said...

I was there . . . waving from the other side. I thought you could see me . . .

(Beautiful post about appreciatiion and thankfulness for simple beauty.)

Debby said...

What a sweet drive. The Lakes are always beautiful. Such a peaceful day. We are driving to see our moms tomorrow. It is supposed to rain but hoping for some pretty peak trees. Today was amazing. A granddaughter's soccer game and then home and I painted outside for 3 things. Have a great Sunday.

Jill said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely time at your beautiful lake!