Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Update, In the Hood Edition

Yes, we spent the weekend, mostly in the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful weekend, a little Indian Summer
weather.  When we drove a few burbs down the road, it seemed everyone was burning leaves.  We rolled down the windows to catch the scent of what fall smelled like in our youth.

This gazebo is in our town.  A sweet place for a quick lunch between our errands.

We even managed to find a small rummage sale and scored these two treasures.  A small
suitcase, with a plastic lining.  Advantage, no musty smell, disadvantage, it's plastic...

This hand thrown pot.  Perfect for chips or crackers while entertaining, someone did a fine job on this.

This suitcase is crying out for a makeover of some sort.

I've made a couple of these fabric pine cones.  To me they look more like artichokes, or Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors...Remember, Feed me Seymour!  Anyway, I used the vanilla bean bags from my dear pal Barb.  They have such a nice color with little variations that make them look vintage.

I saw these on Pinterest with a tutorial but I cannot link to the site.  Just look for fabric acorns.  They take some time to put together and a thimble to protect your finger as you push in the pins that hold it all together.
I'm going to make three, since that is the number of Styrofoam balls I had around.  They will look beautiful in a bowl.

This is just more busy work to help with the anxiety of watching Josh and Brent on the Great Race.  I would not go to Bangladesh for all the tea in China, but they were champs and managed to get fourth place this week.  Go Team Beekman!

This baby girl, our sweet p. is five months old today. Look at that face!  A perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy. We start most mornings having face time.  A couple of minutes, a half hour or more of Penny and Mom and Grandma time. For the first time, Penny saw me and smiled and looked so happy to see me.  She has smiled at me before, but this was different.  It was, Hey, there's Grandma!  I hope that our time together makes our reunion in November a smooth transition, from Flat Grandma on the screen to 3D Grandma who can't wait to hold and snuggle, kiss and play with my grand daughter.  I am smitten!

Penny is pure joy.  The surprise to me is how much I enjoy seeing Penny and her Mom interact.  Kris is a great Mom, so patient and loving. I sit and watch them together and am in awe. My baby girl with her baby girl.  Blows my mind!  Doug is a rock star in Penny's eyes.  She watches his every move and lights up for Daddy.  They are my favorite little family.

I have considered TV dinners for Thanksgiving to optimize my time with Penny, but that idea has no fans except for Penny and me. ;-) I can't wait...  The good thing is that time flies this time of the year.  Halloween is about a week away, then Thanksgiving will be here in a blink.  The trick is to slow down and enjoy every moment I'll have with this sweetheart and my whole family.  
Hope all is well in your hood.   Thanks for visiting.  Take care my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Little Penny is so adorable. Look at that smile and those cute little misty like eyes that make her look like she is smiling all the more. I loved this . . .

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? I laughed when you mentioned wondering how Little Penny will adjust from "a flat to a real you" at THANKSGIING. I can't believe she is five months already!

Happy Day at your place "in the hood!"
Love, Lynne

Anonymous said...

my goodness, what an adorable child! I bet her mother is an incredible genius and remarkable beauty!!