Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tattered Strip Rose...

and a blast from the past.  First the Rose...these don't look like any rose I've ever seen, but this is what the blogger called them.  I found them here, at Katie's Rose Cottage.  A lovely blog.  The flowers are fast and easy.  I still had all my lace out from the pincushions I made, and thought the flowers needed something...

A little lace and a sparkly bit and I like em.

Pins, hair clips, package toppers...  Pretty, right?

I need a little gift for about 30 people, for a service project we do for Christmas each year.  Looking through my stamps for another project, I came across this basket stamp.  You stamp, cut, score, fold and glue.  There is even a little gift tag.  I've made at least 150 of these baskets in the past.  They are simple to make...the hardest part is the stamping.  When you use a large stamp like this you need a firm surface to stamp on.  I just happened to have a plywood board (for yet another project)
that did the job.

I stamped about 20 before my shoulders gave out.  You need to use pressure to get a good image.
When you get a less than perfect image, a pen in the same color of ink you're using is a great help.
This is all the information I have on the stamp if you are interested.  I will show you the completed baskets in an upcoming post.

Just had to post a photo of this volunteer maple that took root between the houses.  This may be it's last year since it is in a bad spot for a quickly growing tree.  We have spent $$ to have it trimmed, just to save it for a few more seasons.  I love trees and it's against my nature to just cut one down.  But alas, this beautiful tree may not make it to another fall.  It's only this color for a few days each year, but what a show! 

I got my first spam comment.  It mentioned my spelling...HA HA... ironically not my strong suit.  My dearest daughter shot me a text to tell me.  She was so concerned that I would be hurt.  What a girl!  Thanks sweetie for trying to spare this old girl's feelings.  

Your visits and comments are so appreciated.    Enjoy this beautiful day my friends!

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Jill said...

Love the roses and just can't wait to see your completed baskets!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

You are so talented at flowers (to name ONE thing...) and I love these. SO pretty, like the burlap flower you gave me! I'm very curious to see your finished basket stamp product, keep us posted!

Lynne said...

Roses are pretty and the basket stamp project I can't wait to see. Poor shoulders pressing away to create something . . . Such a giver you are!!!