Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safe and Sound

Sandy, a hurricane I will remember...My sweet p. and Kris and Doug in it's path.  They made it safe and sound through the storm. They lost Internet and cable last night, and it was up and running again this morning. They never lost power.  Kris said that their block might be the only block in NY that didn't flood.  I was so happy to hear from them this morning and get a some smiles from that little sweetheart.  Now the cleanup begins.  I think they will be home for a while until things return to normal.  Darn, wish I could get in some snuggles! ;-)

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers.  It meant the world to me to know that so many friends cared.  Love to you all.

Now, I will stop cleaning and return to my regularly scheduled life!

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Debby said...

So glad that they are okay. It seems alot of people were very lucky and the ones that weren't had it really bad.

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love that you call your granddaughter sweet p. ~ how precious is THAT?? And I'm so very glad they are safe and sound dear friend! Mama's can't take all that worry...sending you hugs and much love Penny, Dawn