Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Not everything one makes in the course of a crafting frenzy is worth sharing, and this might be one of mine.  I think there is some worth here, if just for a lesson on why things are so darn expensive.  I have seen a very large Rosary, by Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame. It spoke to the heart of this Catholic raised and Rosary praying girl.  The comfort of the beads in hand, praying with a school full of kids during May brings back memories.  I could wax poetic on the beauty of May crowning...but that will be for another day. 

Not being able to find a cheap source for large wooden beads, I found a few tutorials on hand tying your own Rosary. (I searched the resale stores for beaded place mats, those taxi driver seats made of beads, anything that was made of luck) With clothesline in hand, I started to tie knots. 
When I had all my knots in a row, so to speak, dear hubby drilled a large hole into a Christmas ornament  I then tied to the end .  Finally, I spray pained the whole thing ivory.  Now the one I saw was $188.00!  Mine cost about $4, but looks like it.  Would I ever pay $188.00 for a Shabby Chic one, not in this lifetime.  Anyway,
it looks kinda nice in a sepia photo if you don't look too close!  ;-)
There were several rummage sales this weekend.  We made it to one at the very last minute while they were filling boxes for the truck parked outside.

Two Golden Books I do not have, a recipe book from some unknown organization.  From some of the ingredients, I think it might be 40 to 50 years old..  One recipe called for a half cup of something called Spry.  Any guesses?  A Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter book about life's second act, and three cute hankies.

What about those Chicago Bears!!!  A game I could watch and enjoy...  They beat the Jaguars (who?!) 41 to 3.  I actually felt bad for the Jaguars, and thought they should call the game and not embarrass them further.  It's fun to watch a game with my guys, and capped off a restful weekend.  Oh, and Josh and Brent are still in the race!!!  Go team Beekman!!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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babs said...

Nice job on the rosary. You are so patient.

I think Spry is like Crisco in a can. Very similar if I reall correctly...just a different brand..

Lynne said...

Your Rosary is beautiful! I can't imagine $188 plus I have a difficult time understanding $500- up for a pair of non prescription sunglasses. (60 Minutes last night!)

Why is it Garage and Estate sale finds, thrill us so!

You are a dear . . . Going to knit up some candy corn?
Love, Lynne

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I think the rosary is pretty cool. Never would have thunk it myself. We have lots of rosaries in this house, plus vintage ones I scrounge at flea markets. Never can find enough!

Jill said...

Yup! Spry is like Crisco.

Your rosary is beautiful!