Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update

We ended  a quiet weekend in a perfect way, with a fire.  Fire has a magical effect on me.  So soothing to watch, the warmth drawing you closer.  The flames dancing.  I'm good at lighting a fire.  When we were young we had a fireplace, and I was a Girl Scout...  There's a funny story about my hubby and I.  We went to the Boy Scout Camp in Owasippe in Whitehall Michigan to bring my poor little brother a blanket on parents weekend.  I was pregnant with Kristen at the time... but there was no room in the inn, HA!  My Eagle Scout friend Floyd arranged for us to sleep in a cabin.  We were not prepared for roughing it.  We brought a mattress close to the fireplace, and my dearest went to start a fire.  City boy that he was, he struck a match and tried to light a log!  We did get a fire started that night, but froze our butts off since baby brother had our cozy comforter!  That's another thing that fires do, being back memories.

My dearest and our baby boy who joined us after band practice.


And the Harvest Moon, lighting up the sky.

Just beautiful,

As was the sunrise this morning.  Have a great day my friends, and a wonderful week.

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Lynne said...

Great pictures Penny . . .

We had a fire this weekend too. Grandon Jordon was here helping granny and grandpa with some heavy stuff outdoors. He enjoyed tending to the fire and S'Mores at the end of the day!

Whitehall, Michigan huh? Our daughter, SIL and grand boys love there. Ten minutes from us.

Give your hubby this tip. Wrap an old candle taper or two in some paper towel, put it in the fire pit, put some KINDLING on top and presto . . . Instant fire.

Happy October 1 my friend . . .
Love, Lynne

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

You always have the best pictures! That moon really was awesome, wasn't it? We love fires, too, both inside and out. Right now is so perfect for outside fires, it's a great place to hang out, even our kiddos love it.