Thursday, October 11, 2012

More "Baskets"

Remember when I stamped all those baskets...  Well, here they are all assembled in 3D!  They are cute, not to fussy to make and a great little gift holder.

This gift is a little something for some friends at a local mental health center we support as a service project for our Guild.  I had this plastic type of tissue I found at the dollar store a while ago.  I cut it into squares with my rotary cutter.  Having the right tools for the job makes things go much faster. I wrapped it around a couple of tea packages before I slid them into the basket.

Like so...

These little tags are part of the stamp, I added the winter wishes since we don't add names. This ribbon is cool, every way you look at it it's different, sometimes red, sometimes green..perfect since these will be a part of a Christmas gift.

Slipped the basket into a bag and tied them with the tag and ribbon.
 I took everything I needed to complete this part of the project on a tray and parked myself in front of the TV to be close to my sweetheart...He fell asleep almost immediately and I had to wake him up to go up to bed.  So much for togetherness, right?  A Christmas project completed!

Speaking of Christmas, look at the cutest knee high socks my friend Mary Ann got for my sweet p.
They are already off in the mail, along with her Team Beekman shirt.  Oh how I miss that girl!!! 

Today is a baking day, I can't believe it's Thursday already and the 11th of October to boot.  Make hay while the sun shines my friends...That means, I gotta go.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Very sweet Penny . . . Having seen your basket project in the beginning stages, I liked seeing the finished gift.

The socks are adorable for Little P! When are you going to tickle those little toes again?