Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Happy Halloween

My dear pal Carmella wanted to make a  wedding card for her daughter Kristen, (Yes I have 3 friends that also have daughters named Kristen!) and her soon to be hubby.  They are getting married today in a civil ceremony, because Halloween is her favorite holiday.
We had a nice visit and  used some stickers, velum and some black seam binding to make this unusual card.
(This fulfills my obligation of Halloween content!
Yes, I do open my doors for trick or treaters, I am not a total Scrooge... and if Penny were here, well then that would be a different story!)

With today behind me, I start thinking of Thanksgiving and the move into winter.  I so like these fabric pine cones and knew they would look great in this bowl my dear  SIL Elizabeth got for me a few years ago.

It's got a matching candle with the same beautiful pine cone and evergreen sprig pattern.

I set them in a bed of acorns. It looks so pretty.

There is a even larger bowl from Elizabeth filled with potpourri. (Elizabeth does spoil me so!) Both of these bowls can stay out well into the new year. Thank you Betty!

I'm getting ready for my meeting this week and still crafting.  I am making something for my son Mikey, who will be celebrating a birthday very soon.  I have a stack of library books to peruse while waiting for the doorbell to ring, and one last fall themed craft project to work on between the ghouls and ghosts.

My New Yorkers are doing well, no word when they will return to work. Buses are running today,  but power is still out on most of Manhattan.  Cabin fever is starting to set in, and I think a little someone misses the outdoors.  Luckily the sun is shining today in their neighborhood...I expect some cute photos of sweet p's first Halloween. 

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Debby said...

Ohhh, how do you make the pine cones.
It would be hard having a baby without your kids have power or a generator.
Ready for Halloween to be over.....just not in the mood, which is different for me. But the show goes on for the little ones. Can't wait to see what Penny will dress up as.

babs said...

The pinecones turned out really nice....they look awesome in that bowl. Nice work.

Lynne said...

I like your pine cone . . . and the beautiful bowl. What is the pattern name? Halloween is now in the 2012 past. On to turkey time thankfulness and holding Little P too!